About Us

What is cheza?

We are set to be pioneers in the Kenyan and Sub-Saharan african gaming industry. Our unique approach will focus on merging classic games with the E-Sports experience and bring them to the mobile platform, with complete cultural integration through art, branding and creative ideas. It will also offer a dynamic social experience to play with people online and friends.

Our Mission

We are building the future of Africas mobile gaming.

Cheza is the Swahili word for “play”. Play brings joy and it’s vital for problem solving, creativity and relationships. Play can even facilitate deep connections between strangers and cultivate relationships. Cheza is a state of being, purposeful, fun, pleasurable and rewarding.

Games are creative, innovative and immersive experiences that enrich our everyday cultural life, and inspire new ways of understanding and interacting with the world around us. We build games that create a competitive nature amongst the people in their communities. The value that is gained and won remains with the people.

Our Games

E-Sports gaming industry is the fastest growing form of entertainment and business. Our goal is to introduce a new culture to online gaming and target casual players, sport lovers and online gamblers. Our Idea is to take traditional classical games and transform them into highly competitive tournaments, where players compete against each other for titles and monetary rewards. We accomplish this by introducing vital elements necessary for a better personal and more fulfilling social experience. Our games will offer an alternative to traditional online betting and chance winning games that dominate the current online gaming market and give players a platform to develop social skills, compete, and reap monetary rewards with a sense of fun, excitement, accomplishment and pride. We have an opportunity to create a mobile gaming culture with our heritage and games.

At Our Core

Built on strong values and beliefs

We are a small team with big aspirations. Developing the next generation of mobile gaming not only for Africa but strategies that will revolutionize the way people play mobile games in the world.


BCLB Public Gaming License: #002608 
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Responsible Gaming

Our goal is to give you the best mobile gaming experience. Part of that experience is providing you with all the tools you need to play the responsible way. This means doing everything possible to give our players an enjoyable, responsible and safe gaming experience. Cheza Entertainment fully supports responsible gaming and to ensure that you continue to enjoy safe and manageable play.
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